Rail & Road Loading Set

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It’s time for some heavy lifting. This 32-piece Rail & Road Loading Set is packed with construction themed vehicles including a portable crane wagon and 2 functioning tipper trucks. Take the action to multiple heights using the railway track supporters and connect up to the roads with the railway crossing for a full BRIO World experience.

Crane on wheels: There’s some rocks to clear, so use the Freight Train to pull the mobile Crane Wagon around the tracks to where it’s needed. Use the mechanical crank to raise and lower the crane arm and pick up the rocky loads using the magnetic connection. Swing around and transfer the rocks to either the Load Wagon or one of the Tipper Trucks.

Tipping truck action: Now that the rocks are on the back of the trucks, it’s time to get moving. First, make sure to check under the cab of the truck to see that the engine is working fine. Then load and unload the rocks and other cargo with the functioning tipper at the back of the truck. The rocks slide right off and then it’s off to the next job.

Age 3+

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