Balloons and Stuff

We are happy to ship un-inflated balloons purchased here easy peasy.

If you are ordering balloons for store pick up or local delivery* please read below.

* Our delivery boundaries are DVP/Taylor Creek Park/ Warden/Lake Ontario.  A delivery fee on orders under $35 is a flate rate of $12.95+tax. As per all our deliveries, they are made in the evening between 6-8pm on days the store is open.

We have a wide variety of latex solid colour balloons for $2.50 each. (treated with Hi float and helium filled)
We also have large foil numbers for $15.00 each, and other foil balloons not catalogued here.

We are happy to assist you with balloon orders via email, social media contacts or over the phone at 416-628-1280.

Payment for balloons pre ordered that aren’t listed here in the web-store can be made via e transfer to [email protected] after confirmed.



The Swag Sisters