On the Road

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On the Road


By Helvetiq


Criss-cross the country to win as many fans as possible. Will you become the biggest band at the Sunshine Festival?

It's your tour!
As an amateur music group, it's time to leave the old family barn of your first rehearsals and travel the country in search of your first fans. Your goal: to perform at small festivals to rally as many fans as possible, and to be the band with the most at the big festival in a few months' time, where you'll be voted Band of the Year. But don't be fooled by the fact that you've got to win over a lot of fans along the way - you also have to get to the final stage early enough to get them there. The band that strikes the right balance between making as many stops as possible and reaching the final stage on time will see its name go down in legend!

In On the Road, your aim is to win as many fans as possible at the final concert after touring the country.
Board game / Strategy

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