CreArt Magical Roaming Dinos

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CreArt Magical Roaming Dinos


By Ravensburger


Give your kids a roaring good time with our CreArt “Roaming Dinosaur” Painting by Numbers set and unleash their creativity!

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Feed your young one’s creative side as they create a cool painting featuring a “Roaming Dinosaur”! They can relax with this fun and satisfying paint-by-number kit, complete with everything needed to make and display their very own masterpiece! Success is simple, with color-outlined sections and matching, odorless acrylic paints to ensure picture-perfect results. Finish in about 4 hours, let dry, then use the included frame to proudly display your budding artist’s talent!

Looking for a fun activity that keeps your kids off their screens? Help them discover their inner artist with CreArt, our high-quality Painting by Numbers sets! With kid-friendly images designed to match abilities, budding artists can complete a painting in just a few hours. Each section is outlined in its paint color to ensure great results. Painting is a creative activity that may improve dexterity and concentration while providing a sense of satisfaction and relaxing calm!

CreArt contains everything children need to create their painting: a high-quality, thick painting board; 9 water-based, opaque acrylic paints in numbered pots; pallet to hold the easy-open/resealable paint pots steady; durable, fine-point paintbrush; easy-to-follow guide sheet; and frame to display their finished artwork. Makes a great gift! Made in Czech Republic.

Measures approximately 7.1 x 5.1 inches (18 x 13 cm). Fun for ages 9 and up!


• 9 water-based, opaque acrylic paints in numbered pots

• a high-quality, thick artboard

• pallet to hold the easy-open/resealable paint pots steady

• durable, fine-point paintbrush

• easy-to-follow guide sheet

• Presentation frame

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