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Zag-Boxed Ball


By Waboba


Engineered for sport performance, the Waboba zag ball provides advanced athletic control to help you step up your game in the ocean, lake or pool (and a welcome addition for teams and Leagues). this Waboba water bouncing zag ball is great for accuracy, more control, and one-handed catches. 

* The Waboba Zag’s sporty grip and design gives it advanced athletic control
* Waboba water bouncing zag ball is great, competitive fun for the whole family
* Waboba balls provide more accuracy, more control and more potential for one-handed Boba catches
* This water-bouncing ball is perfect for the lake or the ocean, taking water games and activities to the next level       

*Price is for one ball sold assorted at random. If you would like a specific colour plaese note it in the comments area at check out.  If available we will accommodate. 

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