Alphabet Sticker Poster

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Rediscover the 26 letters of the alphabet on this large sticker poster! On the large partially coloured poster, the child sticks the coloured stickers by following the numbers indicated. Little by little, the coloured letters appear, as if by magic! Stick the stickers next to each other, like a giant sticker mosaic, or a giant sticker colouring page. - Once the sticker activity is over, this educational game turns into a beautiful poster to decorate a children's room.This alphabet was created by a duo of French typographic designers: Cheeri. They invite us to play with small square stickers to compose ornate and decorative initials with unusual curves and colours.


  • 1 poster (60 cm x 1 m) + 1600 stickers (26 colors)
  • Repositionable stickers
  • All audiences from 7 years old

Design: Cheeri

Designed in France, made in Poland.


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