Advent Calendar Farm World 2022

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Advent Calendar Farm World 2022


By Schleich


A schleich® Advent Calendar is a great starter kit to introduce little ones to the wonder and delight of schleich® toys. Every day of the holidays brings a new reveal and a special surprise for kids to look forward to! Each numbered door contains one of nine schleich® FARM WORLD figurines or one of 15 farm toy accessories. The farm animal figurines include a calf, a baby goat, a kitten, a rabbit, a dalmatian puppy, a guinea pig, a horse, a lamb, and a veterinarian.

1x calf, 1x apple, 1x veterinary bag, 1x dog bone, 1x goat kid, 1x stethoscope, 1x Kitten, 1x milk pail, 1x rabbit, 1x lettuce, 1x bucket, 1x medicine bottle, 1x dalmation puppy, 1x syringe, 1x guinea pig, 1x apple, 1x potato, 1x dog bowl, 1x horse, 1x lamb, 1x feeding bottle, 1x feeding bowl, 1x feed crate, 1x vetinarian

9,4488 x 7,874 x 3,937 inch


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