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Glimmer, Glow, SPARK, FLASH!

By Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv

A stunning, multi-faceted visual exploration of one of our critical senses-sight!

With compelling visual sophistication and infographics about all aspects of sight, this volume joins Sound: Shhh . Bang . Pop . Boom! as far more than just a groundbreaking introduction to our vivid, sensory world! At once an immediately accessible, science-intensive illumination of an endlessly fascinating subject as well as a sensitive exploration of how sight essentially impacts our everyday lives.

• VISUAL EDUCATION: A striking visualization of a complex subject and a compelling, nimble and clarifying look of what otherwise might be only a jumble of abstract information

• INTRICATE DETAIL/IN-YOUR-FACE KNOWLEDGE: A combination of richly-layered illustrations and carefully crafted text not only provides an immediate wealth of information but rewards rereading and careful attention from sharp eyes.

• MORE THAN JUST THE FACTS: The authors' wide-ranging intellectual curiosity encourages not only scientific exploration but philosophical reflection on the very nature of sight.

• SUPPORTS STEM BASED EDUCATION: Oodles of facts in an appealing kid package.

Perfect for:

• Teachers and librarians

• Parents and caregivers

• Anyone curious about the way things work

Ages 8+

Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv are a husband and wife team who share the art studio Agrafka in Lviv, Ukraine. They have published many award-winning titles, including the picture books The Mitten and The Turnip, both included in the White Raven Catalogue (2012 and 2013), as well as Stars and Poppy Seeds awarded the Bologna Ragazzi Award in 2014 . The couple are considered to be among Ukraine's leading contemporary illustrators.

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