Minecraft: Builders and Biomes Farmer's Market Expansion

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Minecraft: Builders and Biomes Farmer's Market Expansion


By Ravensburger

Minecraft: Builders & Biomes – Farmer's Market Expansion adds a new element to Minecraft: Builders & Biomes by adding a new way to win: Growing vegetables.
Vegetable patch tiles are shuffled among the building and monster tiles and laid out with everything else at the start of the game. If a player builds a vegetable patch, they can grow vegetables in the form of small wooden cubes on it — and once they have enough vegetables, they can buy unique items with powerful abilities from the villagers at the market, such as the Crafting Table that can transform any stone into an emerald, i.e., a wild. With the Minecart with Chest, you can always take three blocks instead of two. The Beacon allows a player three actions each turn instead of two, and the Enchanting Table grants 20 experience points at game's end.
Items are revealed in the market at the start of the game, as well as after the first and second scorings, and they're first come, first serve, so grow your crops quickly to make the best use of them.

*Please note:  This expansion requires with the Minecraft: Builders & Biomes base game, it is NOT a stand-alone game.

Package Contents

* 20 building tiles
* 1 marketplace board
* 18 item tiles
* 32 vegetable tokens
* 6 player skins
* 3 item reference cards
* 8 overview cards
* 8 experience counters

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