Greek Myths And Mazes

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Greek Myths and Mazes

Written by: Jan Bajtlik
Illustrated by: Jan Bajtlik

In the vein of the best-selling Maps, this brilliant oversize maze book invites readers to get lost among the twists and turns of beloved Greek myths.

Discover the legendary labyrinths and mythologized mazes of ancient Greece in a beautifully designed book of paths and stories. Each turn of a page lands the reader in a new and exciting Greek classic through which to chart a path, learning along the way. From the twelve labours of Heracles to the labyrinth of the Minotaur, from the trials of Odysseus to the Colossus of Rhodes, illustrations present ancient stories as new and puzzling quests to complete. Packed with intricate details and plenty of information  about the history and mythology of ancient Greece, this tome will astound explorers and inquisitive minds of all ages.
Publisher Candlewick Studio

Pages: 80

Age Range: 10+

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