Dreamzzz 71469 Nightmare Shark Ship

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Dreamzzz 71469 Nightmare Shark Ship


By Lego


The Night Hunter has used the powers of dream craft to capture Izzie’s favorite plushie and combine it with a pirate ship to create a scary undead shark ship! Now you can dive into the dream world and build the frightening ship with this awesome LEGO® DREAMZzz™ building set. Choose ship mode to give it powerful engines and sails or tank mode to add cool accessories and flying eyeballs!

Kids aged 10+ dive into the action of the dream world with this LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Nightmare Shark Ship (71469) building toy set. The Night Hunter has captured Izzie’s favorite plushie and combined it with a pirate ship to create a lethal monster vehicle, which kids can now build. 1 vehicle, 2 ways to build Kids can choose to build the vehicle in 2 ways – ship mode or tank mode. Ship mode has powerful engines and sails, while tank mode has cool accessories and flying eyeballs. The 2 building options encourage creativity and provide double the playtime. Cool features The shark ship is bursting with cool features that kids will love. They can open its jaw and place a minifigure inside, push a button to discover a secret treasure chest, remove the rear cabin and more. It’s also equipped with turrets on both sides that can swivel and fire, and it features a cage and trapdoor at its center.


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