Colored Sands Garden Lights

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Colored Sands Garden Lights


By Djeco

Four designs presenting nocturnal animals to be coloured with tinted and fluorescent sands.

Place the work in the box, exposes the pre-glued areas using the tool provided and then sprinkle them with sand following the colour code indicated in the booklet. Once the designs have been revealed,what a surprise at nightfall: the illustrations come to life in the dark!

• Thanks to the fluorescent sands, the animals glow in the dark!
• A clever tool designed by Djeco to peel away the protective paper and reveal the pre-glued areas.
• A clean activity: the child works in the box to avoid scattering the sand.
• A clever kit where the box has a small hole to collect the excess sand and pour it back into the wide-opening pots.
• 1 storage box with elastic closure to store the supplies once the activity is over.
• An explanatory booklet details the activity step by step.


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