Beautiful Balloons Pink Set of 12

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Beautiful Balloons Pink Set of 12


By Meri Meri


This set of 12 balloons will make any celebration look amazing. They are perfect for a baby shower, princess or fairy party, or whenever you want pretty pink decorations.

• The set includes 12 balloons - 3 each of neon pink, metallic rose, pink and clear
• The clear balloons are pre-filled with pink tissue paper confetti
• Included is neon pink cord to easily hang up the balloons
• Suitable for ages 8+
• Packaging made using eco-friendly paper
• Pack of 12 in 4 colors
• Product dimensions:
Inflated balloon size - 12 inches

Suitable for use with or without helium.
Balloons will be un-inflated at the time of shipping.
Price does not include helium.

If you live in the store area balloon(s) can be inflated by coming into the store with a receipt for an additional charge of $11.00/package of 12.  Please note due to the nature of this bouquet the balloons with confetti can not be treated with high float.

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