Advent Calendar Horse Club 2022

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Advent Calendar Horse Club 2022


By Schleich


The HORSE CLUB was founded when the girls found a wooden chest full of mysteries. Just like HORSE CLUB Hannah, you’ll open a world of surprises with each door you pry open in the HORSE CLUB Advent Calendar. Each numbered door in the 2022 HORSE CLUB Advent Calendar contains a special surprise. This year’s calendar includes two horse figurines and a total of 24 HORSE CLUB accessories to build your collection. Picnic baskets and apples, grooming supplies and miniature animals – there’s something special in every box!

2x horse, 2x apples, 2x chicks, 1x dog bone, 1x human figure, 1x bridle, 1x bucket, 1x blueberry cake, 1x saddle, 1x cup, 1x puppy, 1x currry comb, 1x dog bowl, 1x grooming box, 1x squirrel, 1x grooming brush, 1x halter, 1x hoof pick, 1x horse blanket, 1x apple cake, 1x picnic basket

8,6614 x 7,0866 x 3,937 inch


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