The Wintertime Paradox

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The Wintertime Paradox

Festive Stories from the World of Doctor Who

Author: Dave Rudden


Twelve incredible Doctor Who stories for the long winter nights featuring an exclusive extra story in the Time Lord Victorious arc!

Christmas can mean anything . . .

For Missy, it's solving Murders in 1909

For a little girl in Dublin, it's Plasmavores knocking at the door.

For Davros, it's a summons from the Doctor, who needs the mad inventor's help.

The perfect collection for the bleakest - and sometimes brightest - time of the year, these are the tales for when you're halfway out of the dark . . .

Written by popular children's author, and lifelong Doctor Who fan, Dave Rudden, author of Twelve Angels Weeping.

'The perfect balance between tenderness and humour and terror and imagination - like the show at its very, very best' - Guardian

'The comforting yet thrilling vibe of a Doctor Who Christmas special TIMES TWELVE' - Deirdre Sullivan

'A fascinating tale' - Screenrant

Page Count:464
Age: 9+

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