Snow White Deluxe

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Can you help the seven dwarfs find Snow White?
Once upon a time...
Discover the magic of the fairy tale with this original puzzle game, designed to introduce young children to logical thinking as well as the use of symbols.
Snow White contains 48 multi-level challenges and can be played in 2 different formats... 24 challenges from the interior of the house, and 24 challenges from the exterior of the house. Can you find the correct position for each character? Once you think you have completed the challenge, open the doors and windows to the colourful dwarf house to see if you are correct. The fun is limitless with this enchanting game, which also includes a picture storybook.

Challenges: 48

Inside the box

  • 3D house
  • 7 dwarves, Snow White, and the Evil Queen
  • Booklet with 48 challenges (24 from the exterior, 24 from the interior)
  • Bonus picture story book with images

24x29x7.5 cm (LxWxH)

What the experts say
Playing Snow White Deluxe stimulates the following cognitive skills:
Flexible thinking, Language, Logic, Problem Solving, Spatial Insight

Warning Small parts

Age: 5-7

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