Pomme Des Bois - Storybook Torch

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Pomme Des Bois - Storybook Torch


By Moulin Roty


Pocket torch with 3 disks to project on the wall, each telling a colourful story without words featuring the characters from the Pomme des Bois collection. A magical way to develop your child's imagination.

Discover the story lamp from the Pomme des bois collection by Moulin Roty, a torch that projects colour images to tell pretty stories to your child, 3 discs projected on the wall tell a story in colour without words of the characters of the Apple of the Woods collection. A magical moment to develop children's imagination.

Insert the chosen disc into the slot of your lamp, turn on the lamp, focus and project the image on the wall or ceiling, then turn the disc to project the following images. The lamp projects images up to 90 cm wide.

The Pomme des bois collection is illustrated by Elodie Coudray. Drawn with crayon, the joyful and poetic universe of this collection unfolds like an album of childhood memories, picked up over the seasons: the joy of discovering a little corner full of strawberries with which to fill one's pockets, the pleasure of climbing trees, the smell of fresh moss... The combination of natural cotton (in swaddle, terrycloth and jersey) with the colours of the undergrowth creates a soft collection full of spontaneity. Without forgetting a discreet retro touch thanks to the gingham pattern and this vibrant blue reminiscent of the colour of berries. Basket under the arm, follow Anatole the donkey and Harry the squirrel on the small wooded paths, for a collection of colourful treasures...

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