My First Book Of Haiku Poems

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My First Book of Haiku Poems

a Picture, a Poem and a Dream; Classic Poems by Japanese Haiku Masters (Bilingual English and Japanese text)


By Ramirez-Christensen and illustrated by Gallup


**Chosen for 2020 NCTE Notable Poetry Books and Verse Novels List

**Winner of 2020 Northern Lights Book Award for Poetry

**Winner of 2019 Skipping Stones Honor Awards


Escape into a dreamy world of watercolors and nature-inspired haiku.

My First Book of Haiku Poems introduces children to this ancient poetry form that's still a favorite among teachers, parents and children. These concise poems are easy for readers of all ages to understand and appreciate.

Each of these 20 classic poems by Issa, Shiki, Basho, and other great haiku masters is paired with a stunning original painting by award-winning illustrator Tracy Gallup - which children will want to dive into and adults will want to frame.

A fully bilingual children's book, My First Book of Haiku Poems includes the original versions of the Japanese poems (in Japanese script and Romanized form) on each page alongside the English translation to form a complete cultural experience.

Commentaries offer parents and teachers ready-made food for thought" to share with young readers and stimulate a conversation about each work.

Page Count:48
Age: 5+

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