Meet the Latkes

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Meet the Latkes


Author: Alan Silberberg

Imagine James Marshall's The Stupids celebrating Hanukkah, and you'd get the Latke family!

Lucy Latke's family is just like yours or mine. Except that they're potato pancakes. And also, they are completely clueless. After they light the menorah and gobble the gelt, Grandpa Latke tells everyone the Hanukkah story, complete with mighty Mega Bees who use a giant dreidel to fight against the evil alien potatoes from Planet Chhh. It's up to the Latke family dog to set the record straight. (To start with, they were Maccabees, not Mega Bees . . . ) But he'll have to get the rest of the Latkes to listen to him first!

Page Count 36
Age 3-5 Years

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