Magformers - Carnival Set

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Super Powerful Magnets enclosed in colored building shapes. Build carnival rides with these mutli-colored shapes. Engineer your own fantastic designs using these powerful encapsulated magnets. Instructions included to build many shapes. Lock and unlock the pieces at your command. Everything that is needed is enclosed. 144 magnets included in 46 magformers. Twelve triangles and twenty-four squares, two hexagons and eight additional triangles. With instant connection you are ready for instant fun. Magformers Carnival Set - 46 pc Making carnival rides with Magformers Three different shapes - triangles, squares and hexagons blue, orange, red, purple, green and blue colored pieces 2 pieces feature figures built in - Figures not removable from pieces Includes 46 magformers and detailed instruction guide Dimensions of the largest shape are 2.5 x 2.5 inches Inspires creativity and imagination Phthalate free
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