Lava Lamp - 14.5" Tricolour White & Clear Black

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Lava Lamp - 14.5" Tricolour White & Clear Black


By Schylling

The 14.5″ Tricolour White & Clear Lava Lamp will have you feeling groovy in no time. The tricolour globe gives the lamp a warm, inviting effect, and through it flows a white wax and clear liquid, making this a truly unique lamp. Watch the wax blobs split, collide, and ooze their way up and down the globe for a calming, groovy time. An amazing radiance and sleek design that fits into any room, office, or studio!

For over 50 years LAVA has been a part of the consumer consciousness, consistently enticing new generations to marvel at its glob-flowing wonder. This timeless icon is an embellishment to your living space and an awakening to your headspace, constantly evolving in ways to illuminate your mood.

* White wax/ Clear liquid
* Gradient orange and yellow globe
* Black base & cap
* 25-watt lightbulb included
* Plugs into power outlet

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