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Buzz in for a quick game of HexHive.

Bee-lieve it, you'll love it.

If you can add numbers to a total of seven, you're old enough to play.

Each Hexhive Challenge Card is filled with numbered cells.
Select the tiles needed for play by looking at the key on the Challenge Card.
Slide the Challenge Card into the clear-view Hive for game play to begin.

Choose a gleaming Honeycomb Tile and set it on the Hive.
Do the numbers visible through the transparent Honeycomb Tile add to seven?
If they do, leave that tile right there and buzz on to the next piece!

Important Note: These are not Killer Bees.
If you're stung by disappointment, Worker Bees to the rescue!
Use the two cute little bees to cover any numbers desired. They'll change up the tile total to help you make seven.

It's a honey of a brainteaser.

You'll win this sweet challenge - if you find a place for every piece!

  • A brainteaser worth buzzing about!
  • Strengthens visual-spatial skills, concentration, math skills, logic
  • Place tiles to total seven, place all tiles to win
  • Progressive difficulty in challenge level
  • Fun for a wide range of ages
  • Includes 40 Challenge Cards, 10 transparent honeycomb tiles, 2 bee blockers
  • Durable case for game play and storage
  • Fun for travel
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