Doggo and Pupper Search for Cozy

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Doggo and Pupper Search for Cozy


By:Katherine Applegate
illustrated by Charlie Alder

In Doggo and Pupper Search for Cozy - the conclusion to the Doggo and Pupperearly readerstrilogyby New York Times -bestselling author Katherine Applegatewith a brightly colored palette from Charlie Alder - the canines help Cat adjust to a big change: A new bed!

When Cat announces that the Humans have given her a surprise present, Doggo and Pupper are all ears. But when they find out that Cat has a new bed and misses her old one, they set out to help her search for cozy.

Change is difficult, and Katherine Applegate understands how it feels to miss a beloved source of security. Very young readers will relate to Doggo, Pupper, and Cat, and appreciate their friendship and empathy.

Page Count: 96

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