Cucumber Quest: The Flower Kingdom Book 4

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Cucumber Quest: The Flower Kingdom


By: Gigi D.G.


What's in a name?

In order to defeat the Nightmare Knight, legend dictates that the Dream Sword must be autographed by seven princesses. But things get a bit complicated when our heroes discover that the Flower Kingdom has no royalty! Luckily, the king" of fashion, Mr. R is on the hunt for the new face of his style empire, and whoever catches his eye will be named. . . (wait for it. . . ) "Princess R"!

Who will claim the coveted title? And why does it feel like we're forgetting something important. . . ?

Adapted from the popular webcomic series, Cucumber Quest: The Flower Kingdom is the fourth graphic novel in a clever, adorable, and hilarious four-volume heroic adventure series from Gigi D.G. that is sure to make you hungry for sweets and action.

Page Count: 240

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