Henry at Home

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Henry at Home

By Megan Maynor
Illustrated by Alea Marley

The love between a brother and sister shines through in this reassuring picture book about a common childhood transition-an older sibling starting school and leaving the younger one behind.

Liza is Henry's big sister, and Henry is Liza's little brother. As long as there has been a Henry and Liza, they have always done everything together. Haircuts, birthday parties, tree climbing, even flu shots. Liza and Henry. Henry and Liza. But that all changes when Liza starts school for the first time, heading off to kindergarten and leaving her little brother behind. Henry is incredulous. How can Liza do this to him?

This true-to-life picture book, gorgeously illustrated, explores a sweet sibling relationship and carries an important and reassuring message about family and growing up.

Pages 40

Ages 4+

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