Red Just Jump It Skipper

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* SIMPLE FUN: Skipper is an extremely fun and affordable toy to promote agility, balance and coordination. Hook it on your ankle, start the ball swinging around your foot and get hopping!

* CHALLENGING AND FUN EXERCISE TO KEEP KIDS GOING: Our colorful rendition of the classic Skipper is a fast paced game that quickly promotes advances in timing and rhythm. 

* EASY TO GRAB AND GO FOR BUSY KIDS: Fun is simple with Skipper. A semi-rigid sleeve to the ankle loop to lower rotational friction and to make it easier for kids to put the toy on and use.

* GROWNUPS CAN HAVE FUN TOO: You may find yourself treating your body to the challenging fun of skipper. Add a twist to your boring old workout and make Skipper a cardio addition to your routine today!

* SAFE MATERIALS & CONSTRUCTION WITH YOUR CHILD IN MIND: Molded end ball and high quality braided polypropylene line. Our toys are modernized versions of classics with better safety & functionality. 

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