Calligraphy Duo Chisel And Brush Tip Markers

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Welcome to the world of calligraphy writing with this all-in-one colourful calligraphy set. The Calligraphy Duo set has 12 coloured dual tip calligraphy markers so you can create beautiful calligraphy writing and brush lettering in one set.

The calligraphy markers are dual tipped with one side a 2.0mm chisel tip marker for more traditional calligraphy writing. The other side of the marker is a 3.0mm felt brush tip so you can create stunning brush lettering.

  • Coloured Calligraphy Marker Set
  • A Great Calligraphy Starter Set
  • 2 Marker Colours - Create colourful calligraphy with 12 different calligraphy markers
  • Dual Tip Markers - Make beautiful brush lettering with 3.0mm brush tip markers or calligraphy with 2.0mm chisel tip markers
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