Assorted Candies - Erzi

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Assorted Candies


By Erzi


This great collection of sweets whether you are pretending to run a shop or entertaining friends.

Set includes 1 ice-cream cone with vanilla ice cream, 1 doughnut, 3 pieces Ritter Sport chocolate, 1 popsicle, 1 piece of Donauwelle cake, 1 raspberry ice-cream stick and 1 cupcake, all stored in a convenient wooden crate. Perfect for the play kitchen.

Made from beech and colour lacquered.

Erzi toys are crafted from birch which is sourced from managed forests.  These beautifully detailed toys are painted with non-toxic, water-based finish.  Entertaining while being kind to Mother Earth.

Measures 12.4 cm x 17 cm x 6 cm

Made in Germany

Ages 3+


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